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  • Research Institute: Eco-Friendly Fuel for the Future
  • Date 2020-10-23
  • SUNBO Industries Research Institute was founded in 1998 to foster internal development of new technology. Theto eco-friendly developments to be prepared for future changes in the ship manufacturing successfully bid, produced, and delivered a Power Plant on Skid Unit to Mexico. From its inception in 1…
  • Director of Busan Regional Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Mr. Moon-Hwan Kim
  • Date 2020-10-23
  •  On the 18th of May, the Director of Busan Regional Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Mr. Moon-Hwan Kim visited SUNBO Industries. The visit began with an introduction to SUNBO Industries in the PR Hall, and after having lunch at the company cafeteria, a meeting was arranged accompanied by afternoon tea.   …
  • Chairman of KICOX, Mr.Jeong-Hwan Kim
  • Date 2020-10-23
  •  On May 26, the chairman of Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, Mr. Jeong-hwan Kim visited SUNBO IndustriesThe Korea Industrial Complex Corporation was established with the aim of developing and managing industrial complexes and supporting businesses industrial activities.The purpose of this visit was to meet an…
  • SUNBO Industries: Outstanding Company for Employment in Busan
  • Date 2020-10-23
  •  - Increased Recognition in the Local Community as a Leading CompanySUNBO Industries was selected as an outstanding company for employment in Busan for 2020. The Busan Outstanding Company for Employment certification project was first introduced in 2010 to encourage private companies to expand employment an…
  • Rites for praying safety being held:
  • Date 2020-05-22
  • In May 11th, the rites for praying safety was held in our factories (Daedae 1, 2, 3 plants, Peace, Gupyeong, Gupyeong 1 plant, Yeongam plant). In addition to acquiring ISO and OHSAS 18001. SUNBO is putting a lot of efforts to maintain the values of safety first and preserving environment.
  • Regular advancement: business card commencement ceremony
  • Date 2020-05-22
  • On April 29th, SUNBO held a round-table conference for promotion. In this meeting, the person who will be promoted attends and shared their thoughts. On May 12nd, a business card and a name badge were distributed to the person who is being promoted at the head office.
  • SMART SUNBO TFT launching ceremony
  • Date 2020-05-22
  •  On May 15th, SUNBO held the "SMART SUNBO" TFT launching ceremony. “SMART SUNBO” represents the way of working smart by using information technology to overcome the limitation of time and place adopted by SUNBO. It especially focuses on “HOW TO WORK” and “HAVING SMART OFFICE”.  The "SMART SUNBO" T…
  • Providing masks to all employees and suppliers
  • Date 2020-04-15
  • On March 23rd (Mon), SUNBO provided five (5) masks to all employees and its partners. Despite the implementation of the government limitation in providing masks, SUNBO has decided bulk purchasing of masks to provide directly its personnel and partner employees. Since last February, SUNBO has pro…
  • Donated 20,000 masks to Gimhae City
  • Date 2020-04-15
  •  On March 23rd (Mon), SUNBO donated 20,000 masks for the socially underprivileged to Gimhae. At this meeting, Vice Mayor Kim Hae-si delivered a deep appreciation that it was a great help to the low-income families of the community (basic recipients, upper-class families, single-parent families, etc.…
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